Band Banquet Dessert- A Trifle

Okay, so I didn’t make those cupcakes for my daughter’s band banquet.  Too little time.  Too little patience.  But will save for a later time.   However, I did make a quick dessert that was a hit.  How do I know it was a hit?  A 7th grade boy told my husband who was carrying the empty triffle dish that it was the best dessert of the night.  Here’s how I did it:

Start with  two Entemann’s golden  pound cakes, two pounds of fresh strawberries (since they’re in season), a 12 oz container of strawberry glaze,  two containers of whipped cream and my Pampered Chef glass trifle bowl.

I  sliced, then tore the pound cake into bit sized pieces, washed and cut the strawberries and mixed with the glaze.  Then the layering bagan . Pound cake on the bottom, layer of strawberries, then whip cream, then repeat.  I garnished the top with some whole strawberries.  If you’re feeling patriotic on Memorial Day or the 4th, you could include a layer of blueberries atop the layer of strawberries and maybe include a few in the garnish. Not including shopping, it was a dessert succes done in 15 minutes.   Pretty to look at, but even better to eat!



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